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    Counter strike 1.6 new version

    Download Counter Strike - New Era Download MB Informações sobre o Cou.

    DOWNLOAD here Counter strike 1.6 new version

    DOWNLOAD now Counter strike 1.6 new version

    counter strike 1.6 new version

    1 Versiones beta Beta 1 [] Beta 2 [] Beta 3 [] Beta 4 [] Beta [] Beta 5 [] Beta [] 2 Versiones finales Versión Versión Versión Versión o versión de Steam Primera beta pública de Counter-Strike. Las armas disponibles son: USP, Glock, Escopeta, M4A1, MP5 Navy, TMP, AWP, G3.

    The latest version of Counter-strike is free, without registration and without sending SMS. Our Cs is completely original: standard weapons, menu, sounds and player models. With Gold Sourse [Half-Life 1] engine has achieved the highest productivity. The game is different from the old version of Cs , because it has improved texture and made more realistic sounds, so it surpasses the old original. This new Counter-strike version of the game is an exact analogy of the Counter Strike Original. There are includes original player models and original sounds. Standart weapons is a bit changed. Included smart bots, that can be controlled by pressing “H”.

    counter strike 1.6 new version


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