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    Edit article options joomla

    Otherwise, if you created the Article as a "Standard Joomla! Content" it will open with Joomla!. If you change this option to "Always with SEBLOD" it will open with SEBLOD when you click the Article title regardless of whether the initial Article was created as a Standard Joomla! Content or not.

    DOWNLOAD now Edit article options joomla

    Edit article options joomla

    edit article options joomla

    You will reorder first in Joomla’s Article Manager and then in the Menu Manager. If Article Manager displays too many articles to work with conveniently, you can filter the articles by category. Click the title of the Ordering column to edit the article order. Click the Blog Layout Options .

    standard Joomla setup of blog and articles layout -> You mean edit the option of Helix Ultimate under template options? And one more.

    Curious how to make multi column editing work in Joomla's tinyMCE or JCE If the Insert Template option is not visible to your customer you have to make the. Joomla-Edit-Menu-Single-Article. The option below will now read 'Select Article'. Left click the select button to open a list of all articles within the Joomla website.


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