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    Merapi capture the wonders

    Apr 16, 2017 - Ideation & reference board. See more ideas about Wonders of the world, Scenery, Nature.22 pins.

    merapi capture the wonders

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    merapi capture the wonders

    Here you can see the remains of buildings destroyed by the eruption of Merapi. This location is adjacent to the crater of Mount Merapi that has killed many people. It is perfect for you who want to challenge yourself to see the crater of Mount Merapi from the closest distance allowed. Mbah Marijan’s Tomb. Mbah Marijan is the caretaker of Mt Merapi. He is the one who is trusted to watch Mount Merapi .

    of exotic land that spoilt our eyes and the smile of the people capture our soul. The most known volcano in Jogjakarta and most active too is Mount Merapi. in Java; one of them is one of the seven-wonder of the world, Borobudur temple.


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