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    Fa sho andre nickatina album

    [Verse 2: Andre Nickatina] I was born about eight miles in the city of dope Meanin' my city is the city of dope Weigh the coke, Caddy spokes, you couldn't be saved by John the Pope Money is the bible, couldn't care about a idol If you're goin' for the title than it's kinda suicidal Cause you're gonna have a rival that's bustin' at your door.

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    Andre Nickatina. Andre L. Adams (born March 11, 1970), better known by his stage name Andre Nickatina, is an American rapper from San Francisco, California. He previously performed under the stage name Dre Dog. Update this biography┬╗ Complete biography of Andre Nickatina┬╗.

    Messy Marv and J. Valentine Andre Nickatina. trouble y'all She holds me down, if it go down that's fo' sho' She's worth the trouble Got a playa actin' like he's a.

    fa sho andre nickatina album


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