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    Kalt wie eis 1981

    kalt wie eis (1981) rock in deutschland vol. ii (1981) new age music (1985) klem jubileumcassette (1986) virgin collections 1973 - 1987 (1988) high-tech digital vol. 2 (1988) electronische muziek (1989) sound festival instrumental hits (1990) that's brain (1990) dali: the .

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    Kalt wie eis 1981

    kalt wie eis 1981

    Kalt wie Eis (Limited Edition) (1981) [FSK 18] - Er ist 18 und heißt David Balko, aber alle nennen ihn Dave. Er sitzt im Knast, weil er gestohlene Motorräder umfrisiert hat. Alle Hoffnung auf frühzeit.

    Kalt wie Eis (1981) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. STRIKE BACK dvd (aka Strikeback, aka Kalt Wie Eis) (1981) DIRECTOR: Carl Schenkel (Dracula Blows His Cool, Out of Order) STARS: Dave Balko, Hanns Zishler, Rolf Eden, Brigitte Wollner SYNOPSIS: Excellent juvenile delinquent film from West Germany. Our young hero Dave takes the rap for a crime and gets sent away.


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