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    Get current frame number actionscript

    ActionScript OOP is basically a way to organize our code with the help of objects ActionScript 1.0 and 2.0 provided support for OOP, but was limited ActionScript 1.0 used Function Objects, to create constructs similar to classes ActionScript 2.0 introduced the concept of classes by adding the keywords „class‟ and „extends‟.

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    DOWNLOAD Get current frame number actionscript

    get current frame number actionscript

    This action leaves your current frame and "goes to" the frame or scene that you specify. It can go to and Stop on the frame, OR, it can go to and begin to play at the frame you specify. This action is simply a comment that you can insert into your actionscript. It does not get read as part of the actual scripting. the number of frames.

    Dec 23, 2010 · While working in Adobe Flash, there are times when you want to know the current frame number of the play head. To display current frame of the movie, draw a TectField on stage, and give it a instance name “frameTxt” using Properties Panel. Put following code in the Actions Panel on frame 1 in ActionScript 3 document: 1. ActionScript 3.0:: Get Current Frame Number And Scene? Aug 18, 2010. I want to get the current frame and current scene because I want to be able to return to that same exact scene and frame when I click a button that goes to a different scene. When I click a button that says "Exit" I want to go back to the same spot as before. View 1 Replies.

    Example. The following example sets the playhead of the current timeline to Frame 10 (remember that index values are different from frame number values). fl. Subscribe to our free newsletter to get all our latest tutorials and articles Whenever Flash is running with no documents open, the Start page appears. Create New lists Flash file types, such as Flash documents and ActionScript files. The playhead indicates the current frame displayed on the Stage.


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