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    Netapp synchronous snapmirror requirements

    SnapMirror network compression is supported on all NetApp storage platforms (including V-Series virtualization systems and the IBM N-series) in the asynchronous mode of operation only. The semi-synchronous and synchronous modes of SnapMirror operation are not currently supported with network compression enabled.

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    Netapp synchronous snapmirror requirements

    Setup a SnapMirror Synchronous (SM-S) Relationship Using OnCommand System Manager Learn how to setup and configure a SnapMirror Synchronous (SM-S) relationship on a volume hosting a SQL application database.

    Fill in the IP address of the NetApp Deployment Engine (NDE). enable off,then trying set time with date command,the system days 'date: Specify the upstream NTP servers to sync from: Locate Other nodes may also require DNS and NTP. Snapmirror is an licensed utility in Netapp to do data transfer across filers.

    You require the following licenses for creating a SnapMirror Synchronous relationship: The SnapMirror Synchronous license is required on both the source cluster.


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