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    Deep geological repository video

    Stable, sufficiently deep geological formations are suitable for the construction of the deep geological repository. The geological environment should act as a natural barrier, so the host rocks should be characterized by high tectonical and seismical stability and groundwater flow at the repository environment must be as low as possible.

    deep geological repository video

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    deep geological repository video

    Oct 18, 2018 · Countries operating nuclear power plants store their spent nuclear fuel either at reactor sites or away from them. While a number of countries are considering deep geological disposal repositories, Finland is the only country that has begun the construction of a repository for the final disposal of its spent nuclear fuel.

    context of deep geological disposal (GD) research. 3 Microbiology, microbiologists and microbes in geological disposal research: expert Stage 2 included screening a short video on the roles of microbes in radioactive.


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