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    Grim tales by fairy lights We sat mesmerised, mesmerised Dancing iridescence In your eyes like fireflies Partners in devilment We grabbed each day, unafraid But the cold hands of consequence Broke the spell and wrecked the game Oh, .

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    DOWNLOAD here Indus creed take it harder skype

    indus creed take it harder skype

    The award-winning band have performed all over the world and have a slew of hit records and collaborations to their credit. Indus Creed, who also opened for Bon Jovi, when he performed in India, is the only Indian band which was featured on MTV Unplugged. Now they will perform in the city at High Spirits on Friday, from 8.30pm onwards.

    All my uploads can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=UU6oPoJRiDpm-jjiB2cirvOwAll audio material uploaded on this channel is for entertainm. Indus Creed feat. Abhishek Gurung Live at Celebrate Bandra, Mumbai.

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