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    Golden gate bridge 75th anniversary fireworks video

    Apr 12, 2011 · On May 27, 2012, the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge celebrates 75 years of operation as a vital transportation link and a beloved engineering marvel. Your participation is important to making the 75th an even more special and forever memorable celebration. As part of our 75th anniversary celebration, we want to see more images of your favorite Golden Gate Bridge .

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    May 29, 2012 · On Sunday, San Francisco celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge with one massive fireworks display. For all of us who weren't able to attend, no worries; the guys over at The.

    Jun 01, 2012 · This firework show truly was face melting. If you were there, you had a damn good night. If you missed it, you’re pissed and suffering from a nasty form of miss-itis. The Golden Gate Bridge opened 75 years ago on May 27th, 1937. So, was this the best firework show ever beheld on planet Earth? What show was better? May 17, 2012 · Here some interesting facts about the Golden Gate bridge: It took just over 4 years to build the bridge. Before the construction of the bridge, the .


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